Straight 5m

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  • EASY TO USE  – both the assembly and disassembly of the FormTex tension fabric 5 m straight backwall are done very fast and easy: these actions can be performed without tools, just by following a few simple steps in the instruction guide;
  • TOP QUALITY – the 5 m backdrop straight wall is an innovative display system composed of an internal durable aluminum structure which is covered with a tension fabric printed at high resolution;
  • LIGHT AND COMPACTABLE – weighing only 15 kg, this tension fabric display can be pack in a duffel bag of 37 x 37 x 74 cm in size;
  • MODULAR & REUSABLE – the FormTex backdrop wall can be reused as may times as needed, including in combination with other FormTex products. The tension display is machine washable;
  • WARRANTY – this product has a 2 years warranty. Should you encounter a production defect, we will fix it immediately.
  • Description


The FormTex “Straight 5m” is a tension fabric backdrop with a width of 500 cm and a height 230 cm. It’s straight shape makes it an excellent choice for walls of exhibition stands. Whether by itself or in combination with other FormTex tension fabric structures, it can also be used to events such as conferences, workshops, or product launches.

The structure of the tension fabric display is made of easy to assemble aluminum segments, each one being numbered so that their ends can be easily matched and no previous experience is required. Once assembled, over this framework comes the print made on a flexible fabric, perfectly extended so that it looks as if it were a rigid surface.

Installation time: about 5 minutes.

Package includes: aluminum structure + printed tension fabric + duffel bag for transportation. Optionally, the system can be delivered with spotlights.

Package contents Aluminium structure, textile one side printed, textile carry bag
Product dimensions 500 x 228 x 48 cm (L x H x d)
Package dimensions 74 x 37 x 37 cm (L x H x d)
Package weight 15 kg