Capsule 3m

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It is a display system,with width of 300 cm,depth of 250 cm and height of 230 cm.A good choice to delimitate the areas for discussion in exhibition stands or events

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It is an impressive display system with height of 230 cm which is suitable for transit areas. A good choice for exhibition stands, events, conferences, product launches, retail spaces.

The structure is made of an aluminum, easy to assemble (each track is numbered, so no previous experience is required). Over this framework extends perfect the print made on a flexible fabric.

Formtex systems can take many forms and sizes.

Installation time: about 5 minutes. Package includes: system + print + textile bag for transport. Optionally, the system can be delivered with spotlights.

Package contents Aluminum structure, textile one side printed, textile carry bag
Product dimensions 300 x 228-122 x 250 cm (L x H x d)
Package dimensions 82 x 38 x 38 cm (L x H x d)
Package weight 14 kg