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Discover the new FormTex Textile pop up!

Portable display system, compact and lightweight,that revolutionized the industry.

Why FormTex?

 FormTex textile pop up is dedicated to customers who want a modular display solution, with easy installation, high impact to the pedestrians, multiform and low price. Who doesn’t want that?

 FormTex textile Spider systems are successfully used in their campaigns for:

Not convinced yet? We will present below the difference between the 2 system types.

Recommended price Pop Up Spider 399EUR

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Recommended price Pop Up Textil Formtex 299EUR

Weight PopUp Spider* 24KG

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Weight Pop Up Textile Formtex 9KG

Volume PopUp Spider in the bag 0.18 m³


Volume Pop Up Textil Formtex in the bag 0.06 m³

Forms variety Pop Up Spider 3

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Forms variety Pop Up Textil Formtex 11 and it grows

Installation time Pop Up Spider  10min

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Installation time Pop Up Textil Formtex 5 min

The usual Pop up spider was used by customers in the past for promotional events,retail spaces, fairs and exhibitions.

  The problem with a classic pop up display is that it is difficult to carry and difficult to install. The magnetic tapes of this type of popup can slide on the rails that are attached compromising aesthetic message.

To overcome all these difficulties we have created new Pop Up Textile FormTex. This type of exhibition system is easy to transport and store and once installed there is no risk for the print to lose aesthetics.

How to install a Pop-up Textile FormTex:

The inner aluminum structure of the exhibition system is formed by combining elements in accordance with their numbering.

Dressing the aluminum frame with the textile print that will stretch perfectly.

Closing the zipper/ FormTex Pop-Up Spider  is ready!

The production steps for a FormTex Pop-up Spider :

Choosing the products

You choose from our list the textile pop up type that you want.


You receive the layout suitable for the type of the chosen exposure system.


We produce your Formtex PopUp , check its quality and deliver it to the location of your choice.