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Why choose FormTex?

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Exhibition stands made with FormTex are portable: specially designed to be dismantled and stored.


An exhibition FormTex stand can be reused as many times as you need. If prints are dirty they can be washed in a normal washing machine.

Easy and fast installation

The installation of the exhibition stand and also its disassembly is very easy: you can do them without tools, just by following the indicated steps.


We provide a comprehensive range of elements that we can use to offer you the stand that will represent you.

Lightweight and compact

Being designed from lightweight materials: aluminum system and print fabric, FormTex systems are easy to carry and store.

Low price

The purchase price for an exhibition stand is very competitive. We continuously optimize the design process and production to offer you a great deal.

Ideas for FormTex exhibition stands:

Choosing a custom exhibition stand is a process that can be difficult and frustrating. Facing the complex decisions and having no skills in exhibition stands you can get in a position to pay very much for one that can not be reused or to introduce yourself without having the right image.

 What if there were a partner to simplify the process? We will take from you the essential data related stand, and we will propose several options for customizing it.


 With a portfolio of over 200 satisfied customers, we provide range systems FormTex textiles for exhibition stands.

 FormTex systems are an ingenious way to set up a stand. They consist of an aluminum structure which can be disassembled and a flexible fabric print that perfectly covers this structure. The result will be a unique form that will impress by the naturalness of the colors and the flatness of the message.

Steps towards achieving your stand:

Stand information

 Send us details about your exhibition stand (size, position walls).

Proposal for stand

We will send suggestions for the exhibition stand arrangement.


After choosing one of the options, we will work the graphics of the stand together.



The stand is produced and delivered at the requested location.


The fitting

The installation of the FormTex exhibition stand is particularly easy. To keep the costs down, even you can realize this step. If you need help, you will receive a version of the mounting stand with our team.

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