What are FormTex systems

The range of portable exposure FormTex systems represents an innovative way to present a brand or a message.  The structure consists of an aluminum frame tightly enclosed in an elastic printed textile.

Assembling a FormTex system is very easy to do: first – the aluminum structure is put together by connecting the aluminum tubular segments according to the numbers at the end of each one.  Then, the printed textile is pulled onto the structure, closing the zipper at the other end.

Every product is conceived and designed such that the final result to be perfect every time

The advantages of FormTex systems

Low price

The FormTex Spider systems are 30% cheaper than the Pop Up Spider systems with similar dimensions.

Low weight and volume

The FormTex Curved (3 x 2.3 meters) is three times lighter than a PopUp Spider that has the same display area.

Variety of forms

Given the modularity of the aluminum structure, the FormTex systems can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Quick and easy installation

The FormTex systems can be quickly and easily assembled without any need of prior experience. The installation time takes about 5 minutes per system.

Controled production flow

4 simple steps from idea to product

Solution selection we discuss with you and analyze your needs, present you with a tailored solution, including a graphic mockup layout for you to use as a reference in the graphic design process.

Printing – we use environmentally friendly technologies while maintaining the standard for the best printing quality. The textile material we use is carefully selected to have the right elasticity and be flameproof. Also, the print can be washed in a regular washing machine.

Finishing – once printed, the material is hot cut to prevent the risk of unwinding the material. Following, the two sides of the print are carefully stitched to fit on to the aluminum structure.

Testing and deliveringeach finished product is carefully checked before being delivered to the customer. After that, we dispatch your products where you need, every time you need.

Using FormTex systems

The FormTex Systems can be used according to your needs: individually, as background photo walls or signaling totems or in various combinations, to create exhibition stands.

A FormTex exhibition stand can range from a very simple one consisting of a wall and a desk to a complex construction that includes multiple systems.

Please visit our products page to select from FormTex display systems suitable to your needs.